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Guaranteed … When you join me in North Carolina for my live 3-day event and bus tour … You’ll walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars AND/OR the know-how to make your real estate income dreams a reality!”

You’ll Discover REAL and PROVEN Methods for Getting ALL The Funds You’ll Ever Need to do Real Estate Deals … Even if Your Credit is So Bad Your Mother Won’t Loan You Money!

I’ll Even Show You How I Raised $2,150,000 in Less Than 90 Days With My Simple System That Anyone Can Duplicate!

Dear Friend,

This is your lucky day …

Because you’re one of my subscribers, I’m inviting you to attend my amazing 3-day live event and personally-conducted Rehab Bus Tour…

And that’s what I do! My name is Jay Conner, and in addition to being a successful home flipper/rehabber myself, I’m hands-down America’s #1 cash money bloodhound. And I will show you where all the money is for your deals!

Even if you’re only remotely interested in transforming your real estate career from a frustrating hobby to a thriving 6-figure business that churns out thousands of dollars in passive income month after month, this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why:

The foreclosure/available home rate remains high, so bank-owned property deals are everywhere, and property prices are still low. This cash flow tidal wave is definitely NOT over. BUT … time is very short.

So if you’ve ever thought, “If I just had the money I need, I could make hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.” Then right NOW is the time to take advantage of my expert help, in person!

You and a guest are invited to attend my 3-day live event …

**Limited Seating Available**

January 10-12, 2018


Morehead City
Atlantic Beach, NC

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This is Kevin Plocher
He raised over
$2 MILLION dollars at
my last event!

He’s no different than you …He had bigdreams and a great plan to earn substantialreal estate profits. He came to my eventfrom Chicago, Illinois, and took advantageof my on-site lenders, and was able to se-cure $2 million dollars for himself whileeveryone watched.

Listen, I CAN RELATE to how frustrating it is tolose out on great deals over and over again from lackof funds …

When I started investing in real estate, I did it ALL THE WRONG WAY! Like so many other new real estate investors, I got taken to the slaughterhouse.

I went to my local banker and was able to do a few deals, but you know what happened? I had to come up with big down payments, pay origination fees, and most importantly, play by their rules. (Including signing personal guarantees on everything I owned.)

I hated it! I felt owned by the bank, out of control, and stressed out.

So, I got some education and learned about buying properties “Subject-To,” using options, and buying with “Lease/Options.” These amazing tools opened up my opportunities!

But then the hammer came down!

When the market turned south, my banker CUT ME OFF with NO warning! I hated being at the mercy of the bank.

I had to find a better way. So I searched high and low for another source of financing to give me funds for as many deals as I could handle.

That’s when I created the basis for my unique and automated system, by combining the best aspects of everything I researched. I kept refining and tweaking it until it became the very best formula I’ve ever seen. Then I put it all together and made contact with my first prospect.

I trusted my system, and the very first person I approached gave me $250,000 in private money! I was blown away by how easy it was!

Within a few, short months I had $2,150,000 in private money!

That was just a few years ago, and it has ROCKETED my real estate investing career to the next level!

It turns out my banker actually did me a HUGE FAVOR by cutting me off… It forced me to create a system that would bring me lots of money fast and easy, without relying on bankers ever again.

The massive profits I’ve been blessed with (7 figures a year) have without a doubt come after I created the“Where To Get The Money Now” system. It’s been my biggest quantum leap since becoming a real estate investor.And I live in a small city with only 40,000 people!

And now it’s your turn to make your fortune in real estate, with my help! You see, my system works like a charm for anyone who applies it. In fact, many have said that it’s the most powerful and effective system ever developed to teach you how to do deals and always have unlimited funds for your real estate deals.

For example, there’s one technique that, when applied properly, is guaranteed to get you all the money you could dream of without any monthly payments!

Many real estate investors have said this strategy alone has allowed them to never have to worry about cash flow ever again. It’s all about money coming in and no money
going out. I don’t have to make payments on money I borrow from private lenders!

So as you might imagine, people began asking me to share this training. And I finally have. Even better … I not only created a duplicatable system, I also created a live event
to show you, in person, how to copy my success.

That’s right, this letter really is a personal invitation to attend my live 3-day event and bus tour coming up soon.

I’m ready to personally mentor you through every step of getting all the money you’ll ever need for your real estate deals.

The deals are everywhere, and the time to strike is NOW! Cranking up your business right now can change your life forever. We both know it, and that’s why this live training
is so important.

The deals are everywhere, and the time to strike is NOW! Cranking up your business right now can change your life forever. We both know it, and that’s why this live training
is so important.

We’ll dig deep into the details of my own private lending program and I’ll expose my closely-guarded sources, so you’ll know exactly how to grab your piece of this unprecedented
cash opportunity.

You’ll be Able to Meet
My “Dream Team”
at This Live Event …

  • My Realtor: Feeds me deals, calculates all my comps, and inspects properties.
  • My Interior Designer: Chooses interior and exterior paint color and schemes, floor coverings, stages homes when ready to sell, brainstorms with crew when rehabbing.
  • My Buying Assistant: Negotiates with the seller of houses.
  • My Selling Assistant: Negotiates with all the buyers and handles all the paperwork.
  • My Marketing Assistant: Posts FaceBook, Craig’s List and other online and offline marketing ads.
  • My Contractors: Rehab all my homes.
  • My Real Estate Attorney: Handles all closings for buying and selling.
  • My Private Lenders: Network with my personal Private Lenders.
  • My Court House Assistant: Researches and maintains records on all foreclosures.


The first 2 days will be spent learning how to secure the lending you need, and then we’ll conclude with my can’t-miss Bus Tour. Keep in mind: I’ll have private lenders right there at the event.

Then, day 3 will cover my proven automation process for making money. I’ll pull the curtain back and show you how I run my 7-figure business in less than 10 hours week. (Actually, it’s only about 5 hours!)

You can bet, in addition to all the live training, and fund-securing we’ll do together, as I escort you around my hometown on a luxury coach bus, you and I will have time to talk, and I’ll share all my tips and tricks with you.


Here is a small sample of the things you’ll discover at this 3-day event:

  • How to find private lenders in your local area who are actively loaning money on real estate deals right now. (These folks want to loan YOU money. I’ll show you how to find them with a click of your mouse).
  • How to approach people you know. And how to contact people you don’t know, that are already private lenders. These 2 systems are completely different.
  • Learn the 14 questions potential private lenders will ask. (Mess this up and you can kiss millions of dollars GOOD-BYE!)
  • How a Done-For-You custom-recorded CD can land you over a million dollars in private money regardless of your age or experience!
  • Learn the secret to my “Introductory Letter,” when to use it, and why not using it will kill your chance of success.
  • How to put my “Where To Get The Money Now” system on auto-pilot so you don’t talk with anyone until they know what you do and have all their questions answered. When you do talk, they’re ready to lend you money.
  • Discover the #1 technique that you can use to get your private lenders offering you more money (Hint: It’s usually more than they tell you they have).
  • Learn the single most effective way to keep your private lenders happy and referring you to their friends.
  • Find out the 6 must-have qualities of any letter you mail to a potential private lender.
  • A proven tactic for finding private lenders in your own backyard that only takes 5 minutes and an internet connection!
  • Discover the little-known strategy to immediately providing “Proof of Funds” when making offers, without revealing your private lender’s personal account information or bank statements.
  • How to sign up new, eager private lenders who are happy with single-digit interest rates!
  • Learn the 2 surest (and nearly fail-safe) ways to sign up 100% of your potential private lenders!
  • 2 simple tools I discovered to position yourself as not “selling” anything.
  • What you should always do before meeting with a potential private lender to immediately have them waiting on your every word. (Plus one thing that you should never do!) You’ll get my step-by step checklist.
  • How to CLOSE THE DEAL with your new private lender. (You’ve got a deal. You’ve got a new private lender anxious and ready to go. Now what do you do?) You’ll get a step-by-step
  • How to decide which deals to use your private money on, and which deals NOT TO USE private money on. (If you don’t understand this, you’ll waste hundreds of thousands of dollars!)
  • Discover the 10 crucial factors that determine how successful you will be. Ace all ten, and the sky’s the limit!
  • Learn the three steps to teach your potential private lender to use their lRAs and retirement accounts to loan you private money without confusing them or scaring them off.
  • Discover the easy trick that will put a $30,000 check in your pocket when you BUY a property! (I love to get paid when I buy AND when I sell!)
  • Find out 2 questions that, when asked and answered properly, can help you determine how much money your private lender really has!
  • How to use my 52 secrets and powerful tips that reveal how to get more private money than you can spend!
  • How to make sure all paperwork is completed correctly with all the “t’s” crossed and “i’s” dotted, without you lifting a finger! You’ll do ZERO paperwork, and there is NO agreement for you to get signed.

With my system, you’ll have ALL the money you ever dreamed of for your real estate deals before you know it! Maybe even before you leave this event! I guarantee you’ll never worry about money again.

You’ll learn enough insider strategies for attracting private lenders to have cash available for decades! But you have to be there with me…

You’ll walk out loaded with a heap of proven strategies for securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding! Including:

  • My social media strategy, including my “Facebook Private Message.” (The first time I sent this little message to a friend of mine on Facebook, it landed me $30,000!)


See What Investors Are Saying About This Cash-Finding Event…

“Jay’s private lending scripts alone are worth the price of his entire system, and are the best I’ve ever heard… including mine!” ~ Ron LeGrand, Famous Real Estate Guru, Jacksonville, FL

“You will not believe this, but it is absolutely the truth… 3 days after attending Jay’s Where to get the Money Now seminar, I was doing a call on one of my customers.
He was telling me about how he had just sold his home and I asked him if he had ever considered real estate investing. After hearing the information that I shared out of
Jay’s seminar, he is now in contact with my attorney to discuss a $500,000.00 investment!” ~
Donald A. Hovey, Norfolk, MA

“Thanks, Jay, for providing us with your knowledge and expertise. The manual is very helpful, and I plan to make frequent references. I am keeping a printed copy close by, so I can make my notes in it along the way. Your-step-by-step system, which can be automated, is worth every second saved while working my business. The scripts you included will definitely take on a role when I have your system up and running.” ~ Linda Whitefoot, Listowel, Ontario

“Thanks to Jay Conner, in less than 30 days we had $75,000.00 in private money. Before we completed our first purchase, we secured an additional $300,000.00. As a
result of Jay’s private money training, we are closing on three houses within the next 30 days.” ~
Terrance Shabilion, Racine, Wisconsin

  • The script I use to invite folks to a private luncheon, and I’ll include all the Powerpoint slides you’ll need if you do one.
  • All about the “Payoff Instruction Letter.” You’ll use this when CASHING OUT on a deal. (I love cashing out on deals! It makes for big check days!)
  • My “Loan Offering” Template: When to use it and when NOT to.
  • The Introductory Letter I mail to folks I know. I’ll teach you how to use this letter, when to use it, and what to mail with it (I learned this lesson the hard way). 82% of recipients of this letter want to become my private lender!

As you can see, it’s a lot to cover. But the result will be money in your hands for your deals!

And after all this, the real fun begins on the Rehab Bus Tour …

When the instruction is done, we’ll all jump on a luxury coach bus together and tour around my hometown and surrounding areas to see the rehab projects I have in progress. I’ll show you each property and tell you how I got it, how much I paid, what work was done, and how much profit I will spin off of it each month.

You’ll see homes under renovation, homes not yet started on, and staged homes ready for sale. You’ll meet my ultra-talented designer, who I’ve used for 14 years, and see her amazing work. Plus, you’ll meet my crew leaders and ask them any questions you have about the rehab/renovation proces. This bus tour will last about 3 hours.

This will be your time to ask me any questions you have. To brainstorm with me, and to see and tour my projects in action, and ask me very specific questions about each purchase.

Plus, I’ll give you access to my “Dream Team,” the people who help me make this happen. People you can also talk to and get help from when you return home. They are ALL experts at what they do in the home flipping/rehabbing process. Last year the bus tour was a phenomenal hit. And I’ve made it even better this year!

And if you’re looking for even more, you can attend as a VIP Guest and receive:

  • VIP Seating and Credential … Hate lines? Jump right ahead with the “All Access Pass.” You’ll need this to gain access to some parts of the event. You decide where you want to sit before the others. Also let others know you’re a VIP with your credential. You’ll have special seating in the meeting room, and can choose your seats 15 minutes before anyone else.
  • VIP Reception & Networking Party… You’ll need to show your pass in order to get in because this is the hottest “Networking” event in town. Join me, my staff, guest speakers and other VIP’s in this special closeddoor party. Free Hors d’oeuvres will be served.
  • One-Time Deal Review… Have doubts about a deal or just need positive reinforcement before moving forward? Upgrading to VIP allows you to have me review it and give my advice.
  • Recording of the Entire Event … Every minute of the full 3-day event will be recorded, so if you ever want to go back and see or hear any part of it, it will be instantly avaliable to you.
  • Closed Door Consulting Calls… As a VIP, you’ll receive recorded calls and eavesdrop on my consulting with mover and shaker clients. I’ll give you the steps to raising millions in private money and automating your business.
  • Network with my Private Lenders: My very own private lenders are coming to this VIP reception, and you’ll have the chance to meet, spend time, and network with each of them!

Whether you attend as a VIP or not, I’m going to put you in a very strong position to get your share of the current and continuing real estate bonanza

going on right now. You’ll leave with confidence knowing how to capitalize on today’s dynamic marketplace, and have the strategies and tools you need to start cashing more checks immediately.

The time to reserve your seat for this live event and bus tour is NOW.

I understand, unless you live nearby, you will likely have to get on a plane and travel to this event. That’s part of the reason I have waived the cost for you. But I guarantee, no matter how far you travel, it will be well worth it. You simply can’t get this kind of private lender access and real estate education anywhere else. This could be the business trip that starts your new life as a successful real estate pro.

Just by showing up, you will tap into a network of people who have already succeeded big time, and who can help you. Now, it’s time to get serious …

**Hurry and Register… Seating is Very Limited!**

Don’t put this off! This is one event that you definitely don’t want to delay registering for another day.
Go to right now, or call (252) 808-2927.

This could be the best decision you ever make!

I can’t wait to see you there!


P.S. I promise you, there’s an excellent chance you’ll walk away from this event with hundreds of thousands dollars available to YOU! It happens all the time! And I want it to happen for you. Call now and register.

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You and a guest are invited to attend my 3-day live event …

January 10-12, 2018

Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, NC

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Option #1: Regular Registration …

You’ll learn how to find all the funds you’ll ever need to finance your deals and create wealth through real estate investing. You’ll also learn how to locate hard-to-find private lenders that no one else can, how to position yourself to have them eager to invest, how to approach lenders and answer their questions, negotiate loans with low interest and NO PAYMENTS, and put the whole system on auto-pilot, if you want to. You’ll also leave with a step-by-step action plan for turning houses into the fastest, easiest paychecks in the business. AND … You and your guest will be invited along on my Rehab Bus Tour to see, in person, how I run my own successful rehab business. You may also bring a guest of your choice for FREE. You only need to pay $97 for yourself (your guest attends free!).



Option #2: VIP Registration …

When you choose the V.I.P. Package, you’ll get special Reserved Seating all 3 days. Plus, you’ll also receive an invitation to our exclusive VIP Reception & Networking Party. At this party, you’ll get to spend quality time with me and a small group of movers and shakers, including my personal, private lenders. This party will be private, away from all the activity, and will be a rare treat. Then, you and your guest will receive a one-time deal review, access to my consulting calls, and come along on the Rehab Bus Tour, and receive a recording of the entire event! The V.I.P. upgrade is only $297 for you and $200 for your guest (non-refundable.) This may already be sold out, so you need to call for this right now. Your VIP registration is subject to confirmation of availability.



Where Is This Event Being Held?

My Real Estate Cashflow Conference live event and Rehab Bus Tour is being held in my hometown of Morehead City/Atlantic Beach, NC, Wednesday through Friday on January 10-12, 2018. Once you’ve completed registration, you’ll instantly receive all the specific hotel and travel information you’ll need
to get your travel plans ready.

Note: Hotel information will be provided to registered guests only to avoid the possibility of unregistered guests showing up at the last minute. We typically sell out before the event begins, so reserving the specific hotel information for registered guests only allows us to protect the seats of those that reserve ahead of time.

We can assure you that all our events take place at 4 or 5 star hotels, and are accompanied by an affordable room rate block that we’ve negotiated ahead of time. In fact, this hotel is a beautiful, recently-renovated beachfront hotel. You’ll definitely want to stay here with us. So register now so you can make sure to book one of the rooms in our block.